When you begin to experience symptoms of incontinence it is often hard to know where to get proper advice on how to manage the condition.

Likewise, you may be a carer who needs help with choosing the right products.

We understand that for many people this may be a difficult subject to deal with but we will discretely and sympathetically advise you on the best products to help you maintain dignity and confidence.

We stock a wide range of incontinence pads, water proof bedding and other related products and can provide a free delivery service on purchase of four or more packs of pads.

Here is a selection of available products but please contact us for more information:

Washable bed pads:

Our range of portable scooters offer easy transportation through a superb dismantling mechanism

  • Speeds of up to 4mph
  • Around a 10 mile range
  • On-board and in-house charging
  • 360 degree swivelling and height adjustable seats
  • You can even take them on an airplane thanks to their airline-friendly batteries

Waterproof bedding:

Pavement scooters offer a longer range, and more comfort through a more cushioned ride thanks to suspension and pneumatic tyres

  • Speeds of up to 4mph
  • 20-30 mile range
  • LED front headlights
  • Sliding & rotating padded seat with adjustable arms
  • All round suspension

Commodes/bed pans:

These are designed to be used both on the road and on pavements with variable speed settings up to 8mph, while still offering excellent ranges of up to 30 miles

  • Speeds of up to 8mph
  • 20-30 mile range
  • LED front headlights and fully functioning indicators and mirrors
  • More padded seat and modern dashboard
  • All round suspension and large pneumatic tyres to give the best ride possible