Being able to get out and about is so important in maintaining independence. That’s why we make sure we give you as much help and information as possible to enable you to choose the right scooter for you.

How do I choose the right scooter for me?

Here are some of the things that should be taken in to account when choosing a scooter:

  • Your height & weight

  • Any medical conditions you may have

  • Type of use (terrain, expected range requirements etc.)

  • Comfort/legroom

  • Does it need to be car or bus-friendly?

  • Where you will be storing it

  • How and when will you be charging it

  • Budget

Whether it’s a portable car-friendly scooter for days out and shopping trips, a standard 4mph pavement scooter or a class 3, 6 or 8mph road legal scooter to give you a wider range and more comfort, we can help.

Have a look at our summary of each type below, and when you’re ready to have a chat please feel free to pop in the shop, give us a call or send us an email and we can work with you to narrow the selection down.

Oh and don’t forget, everything we sell comes with a minimum 12 month manufacturers warranty…

Portable scooters:

Our range of portable scooters offer easy transportation through a superb dismantling mechanism

  • Speeds of up to 4mph
  • Around a 10 mile range
  • On-board and in-house charging
  • 360 degree swivelling and height adjustable seats
  • You can even take them on an airplane thanks to their airline-friendly batteries

Pavement scooters:

Pavement scooters offer a longer range, and more comfort through a more cushioned ride thanks to suspension and pneumatic tyres

  • Speeds of up to 4mph
  • 20-30 mile range
  • LED front headlights
  • Sliding & rotating padded seat with adjustable arms
  • All round suspension

Road legal scooters:

These are designed to be used both on the road and on pavements with variable speed settings up to 8mph, while still offering excellent ranges of up to 30 miles

  • Speeds of up to 8mph
  • 20-30 mile range
  • LED front headlights and fully functioning indicators and mirrors
  • More padded seat and modern dashboard
  • All round suspension and large pneumatic tyres to give the best ride possible

We also stock a good selection of used models, which all come with a three month warrenty on parts and are checked and serviced.

We provide all the relevant services you would expect to keep you scooter on the road for as long as possible including Servicing, Repairs and Accessories.